Advantages of a smart thermostat

At one time, thermostats were little more than plastic dials that required manual adjustment.

These devices provided nothing but temperature setting.

Programmable thermostats were an improvement. These updated versions make automatic adjustments according to the time of day and the day of the week. Today’s generation of smart thermostats offer learning capability. For the first week after installation, the thermostat keeps track of every adjustment and builds a schedule. It works to maximize energy savings as well as comfort. When leaving home in the morning, forgetting to remember to raise or lower the thermostat setting doesn’t result in paying to heat or cool an empty residence to the perfect comfort level. Remembering to make the adjustment doesn’t result in returning home to an overheated or chilly living environment. The thermostat accommodates preferences and minimizes running costs. Plus, modern thermostats offer all sorts of innovative features. Geofencing tracks the location of family members’ smartphones and reacts to location. Occupancy sensors are aware of which rooms in the house are in use and target zone control. Humidity sensors make sure that moisture levels are ideal. With a smart thermostat, homeowners have access to all of the adjustments and information through an app on the phone. Whether sitting on the couch, sitting at a desk at work or away on vacation, it’s possible to know what’s going on in the home and make changes. It’s possible to receive alerts for temperature fluctuations and power outages. They can take advantage of reminders to schedule maintenance, energy tracking and energy saving tips. A new thermostat is a fairly inexpensive home improvement that quickly pays for itself.


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