Air Conditioning solutions for any home

The summer-like weather in my area normally lasts two to three months. Now and then, we have those years with sunshine and high temperatures from mid-April until the end of August. Those summers are very rare. We wait a long time for the snow to melt and then endure a very chilly and wet spring season. We hope that the end of June, all of July and beginning of August are dry and warm.

Temperature can quickly soar into the high eighties with excessive humidity. The house then feels extremely overheated and muggy. While it’s not worth investing in central air conditioning, a few box fans and open windows aren’t enough. The priority is keeping the bedrooms cool so that we can sleep at night. For that, window air conditioners are sufficient. I bought our air conditioners on a Black Friday sale. They were under $200 each and yet are powerful enough to quickly cool a sizable bedroom and maintain a comfortable temperature. I like that these units are compact, lightweight and easy to install. I have no trouble carrying them up to the attic in the fall and hauling them back down in the spring. Although the operational noises are minimal, they work to drown out exterior noise pollution. We’re not bothered by construction vehicles, barking dogs, traffic or noisy neighbors.

The air conditioners effectively circulate and filter contaminants out of the air, keeping the bedrooms cleaner and healthier. Plus, we have the added benefit of cordless remote operation. There’s no need to get out of bed to make changes to temperature or fan speed. 

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