Applications for a ductless mini split

For homes that lack conventional ductwork, additions or specific rooms that tend to feel chilly or get overheated, ductless systems provide a versatile solution. The equipment is especially compact, accommodating tight installation spaces and installing without any major tear down, renovation or mess. In most cases, a ductless system can be up and running in a single day, without any clean up required. A ductless configuration consists of an outdoor compressor and connects to one or multiple indoor air handlers. A single outdoor unit can support up to eight separate indoor components. The air handlers are streamlined, lightweight and can be mounted up high on the wall, down near the floor and into the ceiling. The installation requires little more than a three-inch hole in an exterior wall for the electric line, condensate drain and refrigerant line. The extensive line lengths provide great freedom in location. The air handlers each feature an independent thermostat that allows for true zone control. The system targets specific rooms without affecting the whole house. There are ductless air conditioners that provide strictly cooling and heat pumps that combine heating and cooling. Modern ductless units feature inverter technology that allows the system to automatically adjust capacity to supply the exact amount of heating or cooling to maintain ideal temperature. Ductless systems are quite powerful as well as energy efficient. They operate quietly and provide scheduled programming. The better models offer wifi connectivity, can be controlled by way of a cordless remote or smartphone and allow customized direction of airflow. Ductless systems are extremely helpful as both a primary means of temperature control or an additional upgrade to elevate comfort. They are the ideal option for a workshed, converted porch, man-cave, garden shed or just about any residential or commercial application. The equipment doesn’t take up much room, detract from aesthetics or draw unwanted attention. The purchase and installation isn’t overly expensive and can be completed quickly.

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