Having a powerful air conditioner can be really cool!

Lately, my wife has been drinking a lot. She will go to the bar with her friends a lot and she often invites her friends over to the house for late-night drinking. I find that whenever she drinks, she always goes to the thermostat and cranks up the air conditioning. I typically can tell if she is drinking just by walking into a freezing house. I know that when that A/C is blasting, she is definitely drinking. I don’t know if it’s the fact that when she drinks, her body temperature goes up or what. I guess alcohol makes you feel warmer inside, but it kind of annoys me because we have to pay all this extra money to cover the energy bills because of her constant drinking. It’s hard to say if it’s better when she drinks at the bar or at home. When she’s at the bar, she’s paying a lot of money for drinks, but then she’s not blasting the A/C at our home at least. I know she always tries to get the bartender to adjust the temperature control settings to her liking. At home though, she spends much less on drinks but we have to pay additional money for the higher energy bills because of the non-stop blasting air conditioning. Not to mention, we have to get heating and air system maintenance more often to make sure there are no issues with the cooling system. I don’t know what it is that got my wife into this huge drinking habit, but I wish it would stop. She has become more aggressive and snaps on people at the drop of a dime. I think we’re going to need some marriage counseling.

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