I am very happy with this new heat pump system

There are a lot of advantages to purchasing and installing an electric heat pump rather than both a new furnace and air conditioner. One compact unit combines heating and cooling, providing year round temperature control. A heat pump works like an air conditioner to cool the home in the summer. It pulls heat out of the indoor air and transfers it outside. The unit includes a reversing valve that changes the direction of the flow of refrigeration. When the weather cools down, the heat pump extracts heat from the outside air and moves it indoors. Because heating and cooling is responsible for about 50% of our total household energy bill, upgrading to a heat pump saves a significant amount of money. I was able to reduce our costs by one-third, which quickly recovered the higher initial investment. I spent extra for a higher HSPF and SEER rating for high-efficiency temperature control. The system is ENERGY STAR rated and includes a variable speed compressor that allows it to automatically adjust output according to load requirements.

This responsive technology maintains a more even comfort while minimizing energy consumption. Another perk of our heat pump is that it doesn’t dry out the indoor air in heating mode and effectively dehumidifies in cooling mode. I like that it uses existing heat rather than burning fossil fuels. Because there is no combustion process, there is no worry over carbon monoxide or greenhouse gases. The operation is especially safe, environmentally friendly and clean. I make sure to schedule maintenance twice her year, and it has proven wonderfully reliable.

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