Preventing dog fur from ruining your HVAC equipment

My friend Lindsay recently moved in with me and she brought her dog. Her dog sheds hair in three colors. No matter what you wear, you can see the pet fur. We have to vacuum the floors and couch everyday due to the hair. I also have noticed the dog fur is messing with my HVAC equipment. The HVAC unit is just not running to where it should be. It sounds tired, sluggish and like it wants to just quit. I have tried changing my air filter every two weeks, but the hair must be deeper in the system. First, I had to stop buying HEPA filters because of the dog. My HEPA filters are meant to purify the air quality. The filters catch more dust from going into the system due to the small air filter holes. Well the dog fur has ruined that. I have started using a normal air filter but I still need to change it all of the time. It is super expensive. Next, getting the hair out of the main HVAC system is going to cost more money. The HVAC contractor will need to take my machine totally apart to access the inner workings. I can’t imagine how much that HVAC service will cost. Since it is my house I technically should foot the bill. However, the reason my HVAC is breaking is Lindsay’s dog. So I feel she should be the one to pay the HVAC service bill. She has not even offered me anything either. I think it might be time for my friend and her stupid dog to hit the road.

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