A house in shambles and an old boiler

When I moved into my home, I burst into tears at the state of it. My husband and I got it for hardly any money. Calling it a fixer upper was generous. The two of us basically had to gut the house and make it new. When we started out, my husband and I debated what could stay and what could go. I remember going into the basement and finding the boiler system in here. I was immediately unhappy to uncover a giant, metal unit taking up more than 50% of the basement. I was all over my husband that the boiler had to go.

Old boiler units are extremely heavy. Neither my husband or I had the necessary skills to remove the system and even metal scrappers didn’t want it. The house also had rotting floors, old kitchen cupboards and walls that were falling down. The old boiler system got to stay due to the other things being a priority. Looking back, I am so thankful I waited and kept that boiler system. To this very day my husband and I still use that boiler unit. We actually hooked up piping to it in order to have heated flooring. Having hydronic heating has been a game changer for us. We had to do a lot of home updates in order to get there though. I fixed up the walls and the kitchen. When I got the water damaged flooring, I did some research. What came up a lot was heated flooring. Apparently if you are already removing the floors, it is the perfect time to put that system into it. The whole process sort of felt like fate and I’m happy that my furnace won’t need a repair as soon. Everything literally just came together. If you want to hear more, check out my following blog posts.

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