Recent progress in thermostat technology

Thermostats have come a long way in recent years.

  • At one time, these devices were limited to nothing more than temperature adjustment.

Thermostats required manual raising and lowering of settings and weren’t overly accurate. Progress has led to programmable thermostats that are capable of adjusting at specific times to accommodate a seven-day schedule. The next step up is wifi thermostats. These wireless innovations allow remote access through an app on the phone. Homeowners are able to access the features of the thermostat from virtually anywhere they happen to be. This solves the problem of forgetting to adjust the thermostat before leaving for work in the morning. There’s no longer the unpleasant shock of an overheated or chilly house upon return. Wifi thermostats help to conserve energy and trim the cost of heating and cooling. There is still another level of improvement. Today’s generation of thermostats are part of the smart home, offering a wide range of intelligent features that personalize comfort, troubleshoot and minimize carbon footprint. Specific models include learning capacity. For the first week after installation, the thermostat keeps track of any adjustments and builds a customized schedule. It then automatically adapts temperature to the needs and preference of the household. Other models include geofencing. The system recognizes when family members’ smartphones enter or exit a perimeter around the house and react to occupancy. Still others models include occupancy sensors in each room and can be set to comfort choices of specific individuals. Modern thermostats are available in different shapes, feature touchscreens and are user-friendly. They can provide energy tracking, energy saving tips and reminders to schedule seasonal maintenance. The thermostat sends alerts in the event of a power outage or sudden temperature fluctuation. The device can also control humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air purifiers and other air quality accessories.

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