Reducing your carbon footprint

I don’t understand people who don’t conserve energy and don’t think about ways to lower their utility bills. Perhaps it is because I own multiple properties, but I am very aware of my carbon footprint. Whenever I have a tenant in one of my properties, I always make utilities separate and encourage them to lower their electric use. As the landlord, I am always happy to update the property in ways that are going to conserve energy, but it starts with the tenant. 

My first energy saving tip is to clean your air filters, which can be read here: A great place to start with your air conditioner. What that blog doesn’t elaborate on is how significantly clean air filters will lower your utility bills. Clean air filters is not just about a clean home. It’s also about a clean conscious, because you’re saving the planet. 

My second energy saving tip is to shut your blinds when you are not home. I love seeing sunlight as much as the next person, but when you’re not home, there is no need. 

Energy saving tips may seem a bit like a waste of time at first, but I promise you won’t be sorry once you start focusing on them. Just look how happy this guy is! 

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