The many benefits of ductless air conditioning

When I jumped on the idea of getting a ductless mini split, I liked that the installation process was simple. The architecture of the house would remain intact and there would be no debris or dust flying due to the setup process. There are more benefits than cost effective, simple installation. I have found that ductless mini splits are extremely energy efficient.

With central air conditioning you are paying to have every room in your house cooled to the exact same temperature. Not only do most people not use every room in their house, but they don’t always want AC in each one. With ductless mini splits you can set an indoor air handler only in spaces that you want cooling. Then the unit only has to cool a single room. This is an easy to achieve goal and the unit is able to power down more often than central AC. How about loss of air through ductwork? Central AC loses 20-30% of energy due to the ductwork. With a ductless mini split all the AC you are paying for is literally cooling the room. 

What could be more convenient than having a mini split too? With window AC you need to lug it down from the attic or basement. The installation process is not hard, but it is a pain. A mini split sits on your wall all year around. You just use a remote if you want it to operate or not. The look of the unit is stylish, classy and modern. It also is quite small compared to other HVAC devices and won’t take away from the home decor. 

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