Upkeep requirements for rental properties

A rental property is an opportunity to gain equity and earn a steady income. However, the upkeep for a rental unit is significant. As renters move in and move out, there is always damage. Renters rarely treat the property as their own. They are not overly careful with appliances and often neglect necessary maintenance. A property manager can be helpful as a middle-person in dealing with finding renters, handling repairs and collecting rents. They are up on the local safety codes and understand how to properly handle an eviction. Maintenance agreements with professional companies ensure that essential systems are serviced in a timely and diligent manner. An HVAC maintenance contract normally includes two service calls per year. An HVAC technician completes the cleaning, testing, tuning and troubleshooting of the heating unit in the fall and for the cooling unit in the spring. In-between, air filters need to be replaced on a monthly basis. A licensed plumber can take care of draining the water heater every year, cleaning aerators, providing drain cleaning and verifying the operation of the septic. Regular service performed by an electrician promotes better safety. Issues are uncovered that could lead to electrical shock or fire. As demands on the electric system increase, it can be necessary to upgrade service panels. Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important. Even when renters are diligent about cleaning the lint trap following every load, the buildup of lint within the vent creates a very serious fire hazard. Along with taking good care of the inside of the rental property, there is the need to maintain the exterior as well. While a landscape company can handle lawn mowing, weeding and the trimming of shrubs, the roof and eaves should be regularly inspected. 

rental property maintenance

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