Why attic Insulation is important

Most homeowners consider the attic a storage space for outgrown clothing, holiday decorations, unused furniture and various possessions.

Attics can vary from covering the entire home with full-height ceilings to litter more than crawl spaces.

However, the attic is intended to provide a barrier between the outdoor weather and the indoor living space. When the attic is properly insulated, it helps to lessen demands on the heating and cooling system. While most people are aware that heat naturally rises, it’s also important to note that heat tends to migrate to cooler spaces. If the attic is chilly in the winter, the heat provided by the furnace and intended to warm the living space will travel upward and into the attic. This forces the heating system to use more energy and run more often. In the summer, an overheated attic means that the warm air is getting transferred into the air conditioned rooms of the home. The increased demand on the cooling system causes higher electric bills, greater impact on the environment and reduced comfort. The furnace and air conditioner are likely to experience more repairs and need to be replaced sooner. If the attic is not insulated or the insulation is old, it’s not being used to full potential. Over the years, insulation can become compromised by dampness, mold, bugs and rodents. It can become a source of air contamination. Air pockets allow conditioned air to escape and welcome in outside air. While installing attic insulation can be a DIY project, there are HVAC contractors who handle the job. They have the tools, experience and skills to handle the start-to-finish installation properly and more quickly.
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