A space heater can help your central heating system

The concept of using electrical surge strips seems deceptively safe.  It can be easy to look at one and never question whether or not there is a present danger in using every outlet in the surge strip at once.  Especially if they’re never sold with warning labels, most people will just intuitively use them as one would expect. The issue is when you start dealing with appliances or electronics that utilize a higher amperage in the electricity they draw from your wall outlet.  These surge strips are only built to handle normal current loads, not multiple appliances going into a single electrical outlet. When I was in college, I had my mini fridge, computer, TV, and guitar amplifier all plugged into the same surge strip. While I was studying in my dorm one day, the surge strip started to smoke.  Thankfully I was close by when the fire started, otherwise I probably would have started the building on fire. You would think that this experience would be enough to prevent me from ever making this same mistake a second time, but unfortunately it wasn’t. Several years later I was setting up a new space heater in my apartment when I couldn’t find an empty electrical outlet.  I was hoping to find something I could unplug from the wall to replace with the new space heater, but I kept coming up empty as I looked around my apartment. In a fit of recklessness, I decided to plug the space heater into an empty outlet on one of my packed surge strips. Just running the device for 40 minutes was enough to get the surge strip smoking with fire. I hope this is the last time I make this careless mistake.

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