Admitting defeat on my DIY AC installation

After a week of living with a poorly installed cooling system, I finally had to call my local air conditioning business. I had hoped to save money doing my own installation. In the end, I had a brand new AC system that hardly operated. The cooling technician was appalled by my installation. Apparently I did not hook up the AC correctly to the ductwork. In the process of trying to hook to the central duct, I had damaged it. The AC technician said he had to perform ductwork sealing on most of the series of ducts in order to get it back in working order. 

The AC technician also said I installed the main unit totally wrong as well. I did not figure the right length for refrigerant lines, hook the wiring properly or even have the correct length of drain pipe. He ripped everything totally out and had to start over. When he checked out the inside of the AC, he wanted to know if I put the correct amount of refrigerant in the machine. Apparently putting the proper refrigerant on the initial installation is key. Too much or too little can really damage a machine. The AC with improper refrigerant in the initial installation will have a decreased lifespan and high future AC repairs. I cringed inside and had to admit that I just dumped it in and did not think to check. The refrigerant was, of course, totally wrong and I basically damaged my machine. 

The AC technician was able to fix what I did, but informed me that I blew any chance for getting a warranty and the air conditioner will not work as good as it should because I damaged it too much. 

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