Do I need HVAC service?

If you read my last article about energy savings, you know that changing a HVAC filter monthly is a smart move in keeping your equipment happy, healthy and costing less. There are more maintenance tasks than changing out a HVAC filter however.

A homeowner themselves can do a lot of things like change refrigerant on their cooling system. They can also vacuum the inside of the HVAC unit whenever possible. It certainly doesn’t hurt to tighten all loose parts and screws. Anything bigger than this is left up to the professionals. The best way to save energy is to invest a little money.

Paying for HVAC service twice a year is a smart idea. The HVAC contractor stops small repairs from becoming large. Mainly though, the HVAC service date ensures the equipment is working at the best of its capability. Not dust in the furnace, mold in the AC and debris in the ductwork will really up energy efficiency in the unit. A HVAC service call is not that much money. If you calculate how much you save on energy bills overtime, it more than pays for itself. 

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