I can’t believe how much lower my energy bills are with a new HVAC system

My home was built in the late 1800’s. While it features original staircases, doors, hardwood floors and moldings, it lacks conventional ductwork. Attempting to heat and cool such a large home was a challenge. A couple of years ago, we finally heard about high velocity HVAC systems. This type of temperature control equipment is designed specifically to retrofit easily into older homes without compromising historic integrity. High velocity systems are wonderfully energy efficient, provide exceptional indoor air quality and are less obtrusive than more traditional options. One of the main benefits is the mini-ducts that are only two inches in diameter. They are flexible and able to be routed through walls and ceilings and around studs, plumbing pipes and electrical boxes. Because the pipes are much smaller than conventional ducts, there is less surface area for energy losses. Plus, the pipes are insulated to prevent energy waste. High velocity technology works to regulate room temperature very quickly because of a process of aspiration. It delivers heated or cooled area into the room at a high rate of speed that creates a gentle suction. The high velocity system doesn’t need to run as long and is able to continually adjust room temperature to match the thermostat setting. Another benefit is the especially small air handler that fits into tight spaces such as a closet or attic. The installation of our new high velocity system was completed without any major mess or damage. We now have a whole-home solution that operates quietly, provides perfect year round comfort and doesn’t drain our budget. Plus, the high velocity system effectively handles excess humidity in the summer.

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