If your air ducts are leaking air, you are losing money!

Last winter I noticed that my house was colder than usual. At first I thought my furnace was dying and couldn’t keep up with the demands I had. I called a local HVAC dealer and he informed me the issue was with my ductwork. I had tiny tears along the seams of the ducts and a few microscopic holes that were letting the air leak outside of my house. As the HVAC operated, the air wasn’t going where I wanted it to. I was concerned about the ductwork sealing process. I pictured my HVAC technician taking a sledgehammer to my walls and ceilings. Since my ducts were in the walls, crawlspaces and the attic, I picture him tracking throughout my whole house. Thankfully the process was pretty simple. For ductwork sealing the technician sealed off my supply and return ducts. He then used pressurized air with sealant particles that he shot into my ductwork. The sealant can adhere to the ductwork and patch hotels without any destruction to the home.

The guy was able to get every piece of the ductwork in my whole house in under an hour. There was no residue or smell from the process either. The ductwork sealing is even guaranteed to work for five years or they come back and do it for free. I have noticed that my heating system works great, just like it always did! I was so afraid to get ductwork sealing and instead it was such an easy process. I bet they have made innovations to ductwork cleaning as well.

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