This is why HVAC maintenance is important!

When I was getting ready to go on a business trip, I asked my wife if she would call up the HVAC company to get the maintenance done. It seemed that the HVAC was struggling a bit and she agreed that she would take care of that while I was gone. The trip wasn’t too bad considering the fact that I was put up in a really nice hotel that had a really superb climate control system. The HVAC at the hotel actually had a smart thermostat which I was able to connect to on my phone. I was a little bit spoiled by having such a nice climate control system at the hotel and my business meetings went rather well. By the time I got back home, I was glad to be back after an exhausting trip. Something I noticed right away though was the fact that the air quality wasn’t all that great and the HVAC system was still struggling. This was nothing like how amazing it was at the hotel, and this definitely bothered me.

I asked my wife if she had the HVAC technician come out to work on the HVAC system, and she apologized because she said it slipped her mind. So I called up the HVAC company right away to get the issues taken care of with our HVAC system. When the HVAC worker arrived, he was able to take care of everything. I also asked him if I could have a smart thermostat installed, because I loved using the one at the hotel so much. He did have smart thermostats on him so he was able to install one in a jiffy. I was so happy that everything was working great with the HVAC after that and the smart thermostat was so nice to have in my home.

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