Trying to keep a home warm in a cold winter

No other heating system can compete with the unique benefits of radiant flooring. While there are electric radiant flooring systems that can be retrofitted quite easily into existing homes, a hydronic system provides the greatest rewards. A system of looping pipes connects to the boiler and provides a pathway for heated water. It is a closed system that doesn’t draw from the water supply or introduce contaminants into the breathing air. The heat from the water spreads evenly across the surface of the floor and warms up any objects sitting upon it. The floor, chairs, tables, couch and all of the surfaces work to radiate heat. There are no drafts and no cold spots. The temperature from floor to ceiling is quite consistent and never varies further than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Because the equipment is entirely concealed, it doesn’t detract from aesthetics or take up any space. It doesn’t require furniture to be arranged to accommodate it. Radiant flooring makes no noise and won’t dry out the air the way a furnace will. Plus, radiant systems allow for the easy set up of zone control. A thermostat in each room allows for independent and customizable temperature. There’s no need to heat empty rooms. Settings can cater to personal preferences or the specific challenges of the space. Radiant flooring is also quite energy efficient because water heats up very quickly and retains heat well. It is possible to heat an entire home with radiant flooring. It’s also common to choose radiant flooring for the bedrooms and bathrooms. This type of heating system is wonderfully versatile, effective and convenient. 

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