Air conditioning in a storage unit

When I had to quickly move out of my house and live with my parents, I had to find a storage unit as fast as I could.  Years ago there was only the option of two different storage places in my small town. In the present day there are a total of six different storage companies here.  It’s ridiculous when you think about the ratio of these locations to the number of people populating the area. Who could possibly need that much storage space? Exactly how much junk and spare furniture does a single person need to own for this town to need so many of these huge storage complexes?  In any event, I needed to get a unit as quickly and easily as possible, so I went with the location closest to my parents’ house. I was looking through the options on their website to determine what size was appropriate given the number of boxes I had in my car. I saw two categories, one for conditioned storage and one for non-conditioned storage.  When I called to ask about the rental process, I asked the man to explain to me what the difference was between those two types of storage. Simply put, conditioned storage are units inside buildings with air conditioning and heat. Regardless of the climate or weather outside, the indoor climate is kept at a preselected temperature and moisture level because the space has a high quality air conditioner.  Non-conditioned storage units are not exposed to any kind of indoor climate control. Unfortunately, this can lead to unwanted mold growth on things like books and wooden furniture since the moisture is not controlled. For my purposes, it made the most sense to go with the air conditioned storage units.

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