Our home has central air, which works good, but not great

I hate waking up dripped in sweat every morning when I crawl out of bed.  The temperatures here are all over the place from morning until night. It gets as cold as 40 degrees on nights when it could have been 90 degrees 12 hours prior.  I go to bed with a sweater on and an extra blanket only to wake up in pools of sweat as the temperature shoots back up in the hours following sunrise. It can be frustrating when you’re freezing as you try to sleep and then end up hot and uncomfortable in the hour leading up to when you get out of bed.  After dealing with this problem for months, I started to wonder if I had good circulation throughout my house like I did at my old one for so many years.

The best option I had at that point was to contact a heating and cooling professional and have them inspect my house. While getting new ductwork was obviously an option, albeit the most expensive one, thankfully the technician had a solution for my problem.  He said that he could install two dampeners inside my ventilation system. Their function is to block conditioned air from exiting the ductwork too close to the air conditioner. So if you imagine the ventilation system with the air conditioner on one end and the master bedroom on the other, the dampeners help push more air further down the ductwork so more of it can reach the bedroom. The idea is to get close to equalizing the air pressure so there is an equal amount of conditioned air entering every room in the house, making the temperature throughout uniform instead of spotty.

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