Gas hookups can be beneficial to your home when you run your heater and water tank on gas

When I first bought my house it came with an oil furnace set up. There was a giant, old and ugly tank set up in the middle of my yard. I needed to schedule oil deliveries at least once a year and plan it out for the wintertime. It was annoying and worrisome trying to have the right schedule. What if we ran out of fuel? What if there was a blizzard in the middle of the winter and I couldn’t get a delivery? It was a lot of worry about heating that I didn’t need. I hated that the oil furnace took up so much space too. Oil isn’t exactly cheap either. I decided to make the change over to a gas furnace and I have never regretted it since. I prepared myself mentally for a long, horrible process. Instead the change was pretty easy. Check it out and click the image to learn more about gas heating:

The HVAC contractor was able to make the change in a few days. He got rid of that horrible ugly tank and installed gas hookups and a flue system. I now have a gas furnace and I don’t worry about running out of fuel. It is much more attractive in my home as well. It provides just as warm of heating as the oil furnace did. The only downside is that the gas heater does require a bit more love and care. I need to be on it with furnace filter changes and yearly heating maintenance. Moving parts need lubrication, the fan blades should be checked and I need to have anything cleaned up. If I do my part, nothing goes amiss. It is worth a little more work to have the peace of mind though.

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