When the heat outside rises, you need your air conditioner to be working right!

Every week, I spend one afternoon working from the local coffee shop. My job allows me to work remotely, so I can essentially work from wherever I please. I have an office at home, which is where I spend most of my time. However, working from the same space each and every day can get boring and my productivity starts to lack. This is why I decided to start venturing to local coffee shops for one day each week, and it’s been working out wonderfully! Yesterday, I packed up my belongings and headed to a new coffee house. When I walked inside, they were slammed with people and there wasn’t a table left. There were open tables outside on the patio, but it was really hot outside. I noticed some overhead fans and requested that one of the staff members turn them on while I worked. After 10 minutes went by and the fans still weren’t running, I went back in and asked about them again. I told the employees that I couldn’t work outside if it was so hot. I really needed them to cut on the fans. After another 10 minutes had passed, the fans still weren’t on and another employee told me that nobody could figure out how to turn them on. Just as this was happening, a table opened up inside. I rushed inside to claim the table and was relieved to feel the air conditioning running. I’m glad that table opened up, because I would’ve been forced to leave due to the heat. 

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