How to repair an air conditioner

I hate my lawn crew more than anything. My girlfriend and I rent a little house and part of the rent includes lawn service. I would love to cut my rent down and do the mowing myself. The guys do a terrible job. I have timed them and they only take 15 minutes to do my entire lawn. The mow as fast as possible and clip the bushes quickly. You can tell they skimp corners. The edges are terrible, sticks are everywhere and I have weeds in my gardens. I don’t want to do the work myself when I pay for it. The icing on the cake is that last time the crew came in they definitely hit the outdoor air compressor with the AC unit.

I came home to a huge dent in the cooling equipment. The indoor cooling function hardly works now. I have called my landlord and gotten no answer. I will certainly not pay for the cooling repair. I really would like the lawn crew to pay for this disaster. I know the guy on the mower was going too fast and rammed into my AC equipment. He should have to pay for that mistake. I am also unwilling to go without cooling.

I pay a ton in rent to have quality air conditioning. I did not hurt the air conditioning equipment. I want it fixed and back to normal. The landlord needs to complain to the lawn crew and somebody needs to get an air conditioning business into my home. If the landlord is too scared to call, I would really like to give those guys a piece of my mind.

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