Central air conditioning can make your vacation

Anytime I go on a trip I plan to go somewhere tropical. I love going to a little island with white sand, blue waters and hot sun. I live in the north and the cold gets to me after awhile. Vacationing in the heat is the best. But, I just can’t handle the hot sun. On day one I always sit on the beach for hours with no sunscreen. I want to get color. Well the color I get every year is bright red. After one day in the sun I am hurting. It is why I always strive to get a hotel with nice air conditioning. I even call the hotel to ensure their AC equipment is up to my standards. I won’t stay in a place with window cooling or portable AC. I need central air conditioning with my own thermostat. Central air conditioning has the power and I want to lower the cooling as much as I need to. The reason is that when I get burned, I am basically confined to the hotel room the rest of the trip. I need to be a good temperature with my hot skin. Also at night I want to have superior cooling in order to sleep. Sleeping without the right amount of cooling would make the trip horrible. I am willing to pay double for a room with better cooling. I don’t need a pool, gym or breakfast. I just need good air conditioning equipment since I get sunburned. A little bar in the hotel is a bonus. I can get burned, enjoy air conditioning and have a drink at the end of the day. 

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