Exploring different types of heaters

My boyfriend and I have a trip booked to another country. We are both so excited to see the sights, experience the culture and make some good memories. The only issue is that the country is known for being really cold. My boyfriend and I live in the deep south where it is mainly hot. First, we don’t have the proper clothing for our trip and will need to buy some. Next, we don’t know how cold it really is. I mean reading 50 degrees on a thermostat doesn’t really click to me. Am I going to be freezing at that temperature and want to hide by the heating equipment? The lows in the country during the summer will get to be in the 30s. That sounds pretty awful, but is it doable? I have done a little research on our hotels and the heating equipment too.

Where I live we only get by with a heat pump system. The heat pump is not exactly known for being a really good heater device. It saves a lot of energy though. I am totally at a loss when reading about hotel heating equipment. Baseboard heaters, radiators and boiler systems are beyond me. I don’t know what type of heater is better or if they are all basically the same thing. My boyfriend says not to worry and that heating is heating. I am worried our trip will be ruined since we will be cold the entire time. I don’t want to sit in bars and cafes because we want a quality heater. The hotel heater should be perfect.

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