Air conditioning for your home gym

My house came with a little attached lanai to it. I have been slowly updating the lanai to a work out room. I removed all the old ceiling fans and redid the cement floors. I got my workout equipment and mats set up. I then removed the old screen windows with sold panes of glass. The lanai looks so clean and beautiful now. The only downside is that it is hot as an oven. I hated the gross ceiling fans and screens. But, I now don’t have any airflow in the lanai. Also, the air conditioning equipment in the house does not extend there. It obviously did not because there were screen windows that people used before.

Now I have no AC and I work out in there. The sun shines in through my solid windows too. The glare and heat is just overwhelming. I need some form of cooling. I am not willing to replace the windows again with screens. I think I am going to need a ductless air conditioner setup. It should not be too hard. I just need one ductless mini split and outdoor air compressor. I need to install the cooling devices within a fifty foot range of one another. The air conditioning installation looks easy and working the device will be simple. The only snag in the plan is that it will be quite expensive. I have already bought new windows, cement and redid the whole lanai. I really don’t have anything leftover for an air conditioner system too. So what can I do?

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