Heated flooring can drastically lower your energy bills

My sister lives across the country, so I don’t see her very option.  Right after college graduation, she flew there for a job interview and never came back.  She was lucky enough to find a great job and apartment all within one week, so she never returned home.  She is a free spirit and loves to go on new adventures, so this move was the best thing for her. It has been ten years since she moved. I visit her a few times a year, and I always enjoy those visits so much.  She takes me all around her city and we have a blast eating new foods and sharing new experiences. She recently bought a new house, so my recent trip was extra exciting because I was eager to see the new home. She told me that it had many advanced technological features that I would fall in love with.  She was so right! The first thing I noticed was that she had the place beautifully decorated. Additionally, it was sitting on a large piece of land. Finally, I noticed that the floors were heated! Her home was heated solely through the flooring. It was amazing to be able to walk around barefoot and feel the heat radiating beneath me! She told me the home came with this feature, and it was one of the biggest reasons that she chose this place.  I want this in my home! I am so happy that she gets to enjoy this feature. Hopefully, I will be able to afford such a wonderful luxury one day.  I’m going to do some more research on heated flooring!

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