Winter is approaching and I’m getting a smart thermostat!

A few years ago, my parents decided to upgrade their heating and cooling system. I was still living at home at the time, so I can recall many arguments between them over what system to choose.  My mother is very thrifty. She likes to save money wherever possible. She never buys brand name things, she never busied herself with designer products, and she never purchased anything without a coupon.  My dad, on the other hand, believes in spending the money on quality products. He doesn’t see the problem in spending a lot of money if the item is going to be used for a long time. Naturally, my mom wanted the cheapest heating and cooling system, whereas my dad wanted the high end system.  They went back and forth for weeks and took their time, even though winter was approaching quickly. It took awhile, but they finally agreed on the smart thermostat. This was a more expensive option, so my dad said that he would pay the majority of it to make my mom happy. After the many arguments and a few visits from a heating and cooling specialist, it was finally installed. I was shocked to see that my mom was so happy with the new system.  This system allowed her to change the smart thermostat from her phone, no matter where she was. She could change the temperature while grocery shopping or on her drive home. My dad was just happy that my mom was happy. It was a big upgrade for my parents, and I think it was for the best. It is an efficient option too, so they have been saving on their bills!

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