Temperature control throughout the country

My brother lives down south and I am up north. It is amazing how different our weather is and what we need to do for HVAC. In the summer I have a better life. Northern summers are very mild. I can get by without a central air conditioner. I have a window AC unit for my bedroom and a few box fans set up in the living room. Other than that, I am good to go. My brother deals with high humidity and temperatures in the 100s. The moment he steps out his door he needs to wear a hat, sunscreen and is sweating to death. His air conditioning unit needs to run 24/7. He has extremely high electric bills throughout the entire summer. My summer season is nice, but fleeting. As early as September the weather changes for me. It starts to get a little colder and I need to seal up the home. I will try to make it until November before I turn on my heating system. Once the heater is on, it won’t turn off until May. I need to keep all the doors and windows closed tight. My same, stale air quality circulates everywhere. I have temperatures in the negative twenties and a furnace running all the time. My hair is fuzzy, my lips are chapped and I pay high energy bills. My brother has amazing weather during the winter. Typically he doesn’t even need to run a heating system. He usually cracks his windows to get a fresh breeze and can walk around in shorts.

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