The steps homeowners take to fix their thermostat

I noticed the other day that there was something weird going on with my thermostat unit. I was convinced that it was either torn up or possessed, because it wasn’t holding the temperature in the house where it was supposed to be. I would set the air conditioning temperature at 70 degrees and then I would come home in the afternoon from working all day and the A/C temperature would be at 68 degrees instead. That’s a little too much A/C, even for my taste! I don’t like being hot in the summer, but I also hate it when a location has their A/C set too low and you feel like you’re inhabiting an icebox or a chest freezer or something. That’s how it started feeling in my house, though! I turned the thermostat all the way off and back on again, seeing as how that’s usually how I fix my computer problems. However, for some reason this method did not work with the thermostat. The air conditioning kept coming on at random times throughout the day, even when I didn’t want it to. After a few days of shivering and huddling under blankets in my house, I gave up and called my local HVAC company. When the HVAC technician arrived at my house, he assured me that the thermostat wasn’t broken nor was it possessed by an air conditioning spirit. He said that the smart thermostat was just doing what it was supposed to do by following a preset schedule that had been programmed into it remotely. Apparently, my sister stole my cell phone the other day. She thought it would be funny to freeze me out of my own house by adjusting my thermostat settings remotely. 

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