Advantages of radiant heated floors

For cold weather climates, heated floors provide unique and exceptional benefits. While this type of system doesn’t provide any cooling capacity, it takes heating to a superior level of comfort. A boiler heats water and sends it through a network of pipes concealed beneath the floor. It is a closed loop system that utilizes the same water continuously. Because of this, there’s no chance of the operation pulling in or distributing contaminants into the breathing air. Radiant heated floors are known for being especially clean and are recommended for those who suffer from allergies, asthma or dust sensitivities. As a hydronic system, this style of heating doesn’t dry out the air and cause the problems of insufficient humidity. With installation under the floor, the pipes are hidden from view, never detracting aesthetics. They don’t take up valuable living space or require furniture to be arranged to accommodate supply or return vents. With annual maintenance, the boiler can be expected to provide reliability and longevity. Since water heats up faster and retains heat longer than air, heated radiant floors are especially energy efficient. The comfort is also more gentle and evenly distributed. There are less problems with stratification and no drafts. The temperature from floor to ceiling can be counted to be no more than three degrees from the thermostat setting. Another advantage of heated floors is the ability to set up independent zones that cater to personal comfort, occupancy and specific demands of the room. This provides further opportunity to trim running costs. Heated floors are easiest installed during new construction projects but can be retrofitted into single rooms or the entirety of existing homes.


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