Benefits of boiler heating

For cold weather areas, a boiler is an advantageous choice as a heating system.

Unlike a forced air furnace, a boiler uses water to transport heat energy to the various rooms of the house.

Because water heats up more quickly and holds onto heat longer than air, a hydronic heating system doesn’t need to run as long or work as hard to achieve and maintain the perfect temperature. Plus, a boiler uses a closed loop system, circulating the same water without drawing from the home’s water supply. It doesn’t pull contaminants into the system or spread them into the breathing air. The cleanliness of a boiler makes it a recommended option for those who suffer allergies, asthma or dust sensitivities. Hydronic heat tends to be more gentle than forced air heat, avoids drafts and won’t dry out the air, eliminating the need to add a humidifier. Boilers are wonderfully versatile and can be sized to suit a one-family home as well as larger apartment buildings. They can connect to any combination of radiators, baseboard heaters or radiant heated flooring. Boilers are used for snowmelt systems for driveways and parking lots, to heat swimming pools and hot tubs and even for towel warmers. One of the main benefits of a boiler is the ability to set up specific heating zones. With independent thermostats, each floor of the home, apartment in a building or room in the house can be set to a customized temperature. The ability to target zones solves the problem of those areas that tend to feel chilly. It also caters to occupancy, avoiding the need to heat unused rooms. Boilers have few moving parts, minimizing maintenance and promoting an especially long service life.

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