Benefits of duct sealing

It’s estimated that the average home sacrifices up to thirty percent of conditioned air to imperfections in the ductwork. Whenever the furnace or air conditioner operates, the heated/cooled air is transported to the different rooms of the house by way of this network of pipes. Improper design, faulty installation, holes and leaks at the seams can allow air leaks. When the maximum amount of air fails to be delivered to the intended destination, the heating/cooling system needs to work harder to achieve the thermostat setting. The longer run times increase energy consumption and add to wear and tear on components. Higher monthly utility bills, greater risk of furnace or air conditioner malfunction and inferior comfort are just a few of the consequences. Those same holes and cracks pull in outside air that can be polluted with dust, bacteria, fumes and other contaminants.

These toxins then get spread throughout the house, breathed by occupants and cause health concerns. Professional duct sealing provides an effective solution. Although the pipes are hidden inside of walls and ceilings, access is not a problem. Where once technicians were required to manually locate flaws in the duct system manually, the process now works from the inside of the pipes. The technician first seals off all of the supply and return registers. Highly pressurized air laced with non-toxic, polymer particles is then pumped into the ductwork. The process is guided by a computer program and typically takes a couple of hours to complete. As the pressurized air leaks out of the holes, cracks and other flaws, the sticky particles adhere to the edges. These particles steadily build up to create an airtight seal. The results are verified by testing and warrantied for ten years.

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