Different types of heating equipment

Water heats up quicker and retains heat longer than air

In some of the northern areas of the country, the winter weather is an issue for more than half the year. These locations experience below freezing and even below zero temperatures on a regular basis. The snowfall accumulates in feet, sometimes in a single day. Heating is a necessity, a large draw on the budget and needs to be reliable as well as energy efficient. There is also a demand for snow removal. Shoveling and plowing are time-consuming, labor-intensive and repetitive jobs. The ideal solution is a boiler. A hydronic heating system provides many unique advantages. The boiler heats up water and sends it through a series of concealed pipes in a closed loop system. The boiler uses the same water over and over, not drawing from the household’s water system and never pulling in any type of contaminants. Unlike a forced air furnace, a boiler creates no concerns with air pollution or insufficient humidity. It easily accommodates single-family homes along with larger corporations and offers the benefits of zone control. Each level or room of the residence or commercial space can be outfitted with a thermostat and independently controlled. It’s not necessary to heat unoccupied spaces and the zones can be targeted for personalized comfort or room requirements. Because the heat is infused rather than blown into the air, there are no drafts. The temperature remains consistent from corner to corner and floor to ceiling. Another advantage of a boiler is that it can link to any combination of radiators, radiant flooring or baseboard heaters that operate silently. There is the opportunity of linking a boiler to towel warmers and even a snowmelt system. The snowmelt system reacts to moisture and temperature drop, starting up automatically to handle snow and icy surfaces. It avoids the need to shovel and eliminates concerns with slipping and falling due to icy surfaces. Plus, boilers are wonderfully energy efficient. Water heats up quicker and retains heat longer than air. Because of few moving parts, boilers require minimal maintenance and tend to outlast other styles of heating system, making them a really good investment.



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