Ductless heat pump

There have been a great deal of developments in heating and cooling over the last decade.

For homes that lack ductwork, additions, man-caves, workshops and a wide variety of applications, ductless mini splits provide an ideal solution.

These systems are wonderfully compact and versatile. An outdoor compressor links to one or up to eight indoor air handlers that can be mounted high the wall, down near the floor or into a drop ceiling. The conduit that connects outdoor and indoor components are available in extensive line lengths, offering freedom of location. Each air handler includes both heating and cooling capacity and an independent thermostat for zone control. Customized temperature caters to personal preference and room occupancy. There is no need to pay to heat or cool unoccupied spaces to the perfect temperature. It’s possible to target those rooms that tend to feel chilly or overheated. Modern ductless units feature inverter technology that automatically adjusts output to maintain ideal comfort. By running at lower speeds for longer cycles, the unit requires less energy. Ductless heat pumps are wonderfully energy efficient. Rather than a combustion process, the operation draws from existing heat. It uses ambient heat in the outside air, compresses it to a higher temperature and transfers this heat into the home. During the summer months, the ductless heat pump pulls heat from the inside air to create a cooling effect. Along with reducing running costs and carbon footprint, a ductless mini split effectively handles excess humidity and helps to filter contaminants out of the indoor air. The higher end models allow remote access for control, programming and the ability to direct airflow.

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