Finding an air purifier for your home

My boyfriend is obsessed with having fresh air in the home. Frequently he will open all the windows and even the front door to allow the air into our house. I get his point, the air quality in our home is no good. It gets really dry and stuffy. A little fresh air would go a long way. Also, running the HVAC when outside temperatures are perfect make no sense. My main complaint is that we let in bugs.

The bugs come right in the front door and a bunch of pollen leaks in through the window screens. I want the benefit of fresh air without the natural elements. That is why I have been looking into air purification equipment. Yes, we won’t get the natural outdoor air this way, but at least our indoor air conditions will be fresher. I think I want to have an air purifier, UV lights and both a dehumidifier and humidifier. The air purifier would remove smells and the UV lights cleans the air before you breathe it in.

The dehumidifier is for the summer moisture in the air quality and the humidifier is used to add moisture when you run the heater. It should help our energy bills out and the house should feel better when we are in it. All together the air quality equipment will be quite a bit. But, I think it is worth it in the end. Can you really put a price tag on healthy living conditions? I also need to stop my boyfriend from letting in the bugs in our house.

The other advantage to clean indoor air quality is that your heating and cooling equipment runs better! This will lead to energy savings and lower electric bills!

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