Trusting an HVAC contractor with your heating repair

I have been vacationing in the south for the entire winter season. In the south I have had a great time. The only bummer is that my northern house is going to pieces. I had my brother check on my house after a month of sitting there and it is not doing good. Apparently my kitchen heater system just quit one day. All the piping in the kitchen and downstairs bathroom are frozen solid. The living room heater is still going thankfully, but the house is really cold. All my indoor plants are dead. The house can’t take temperatures much colder either with one heating system. I can’t really schedule a heater repair while in the north. I can’t ask my brother to take off work to babysit the HVAC contractor. But, I can’t leave the house without proper heating. The kitchen and bathroom piping are already frozen. If they burst, then I will have huge plumbing repairs and water damage. I really need to at least get a portable heater in there. Not being in the physical area is going to be tough though.

I didn’t think I could trust a HVAC contractor enough to come into my home and install a heater without me there. He could break, steal or do a bad job when I am not there. I don’t want to cut my trip short. But, the northern temperatures are slowly dropping. My living room heater will not be able to handle the cold much longer. The house then will really go to pieces if that heating system gives up. 

However, after doing some research I realized that there are many HVAC contractors out there that are running quality businesses and are trustworthy. I believe the first step in finding a reliable HVAC business is finding one that has a quality website and a good rating with the BBB.

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