Finding heating equipment for my office

My office never has consistent temperatures.  It is unbelievably uncomfortable. During the winter, the heat is always way too high. It causes us to sweat while we are sitting in our desks.  I usually wear layers. That way, I am warm during my commute to work and then can take layers off when I arrive to my office. I don’t understand why the managers choose to use such a high setting for the heater, but I guess it is way better than dealing with a cold work space and cold outdoors.  I asked my manager why the thermostat is set this way, and he said that if the thermostat isn’t set to at least 80 degrees, it won’t heat the building. On the other hand, during the summer, management blasts the air conditioning. It is so cold in our office! I go to work wearing light summer clothes and then pack on layers while I am sitting at my desk. I even have a blanket and electric heater at my desk to keep me warm during the summer months.  I find it so ridiculous that I am dressing in clothes that aren’t accurate for the season. I constantly complain to management and they don’t do a thing. They just smile and act like they don’t feel uncomfortable from the temperatures. I eventually filed a complaint to our corporate office for a uncomfortable work setting. They responded very quickly to my complaint and sent an HVAC professional to review our building. Nothing has been solved as of yet, but I am hopeful that something will happen soon.

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