Getting my heater fixed

I am a creature of habit, meaning that I like routine and I like going to familiar places.  I am this way about many things in my life. For example, when I find a movie theater that I really like, I go there religiously and never try another theater.  I am this way with my food as well. I have my favorite coffee shops, bakeries, and dinner spots that I attend regularly. I have established good relationships with the workers at all of these places and have become a regular customer.  My favorite place to eat is a small, family owned Italian restaurant around the corner from my apartment. The owners are an old couple that moved here from Italy many years ago. They opened this restaurant when they moved and continue to operate it with the help of their children.  They take wonderful care of me. I go there at least three times a month. The most recent trip was nothing like my usual visits. I walked into the hottest restaurant in the entire city. I couldn’t believe how uncomfortable it was. I just knew that I couldn’t sit there and eat my meal, so I ordered my food as takeout instead.  While I waited, I asked the oldest daughter, Maria, about the temperature. She said that since it’s an old building, the heating system finally gave out on them. It was set to a really high temperature in the morning, but when they tried to turn the heat down, it wouldn’t move. It was stuck at that high temperature. They couldn’t get an HVAC specialist to come check it out that day and they couldn’t afford closing the restaurant for the day, so they had to push through.  The heating specialist came the next morning and all was resolved! I hope my next trip there is much different than this trip.

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