Plumbing maintenance is important

It’s easy to forget about the plumbing system until there is a problem. However, the components that make up a household plumbing system are in use and extremely important every single day. Everything from the operation and efficiency of the water heater to the functionality of drains and fixtures affects conveniences, costs and household tasks. The faucets, water pipes, drains and septic need to be operating at their best to fulfill demand, keep costs and a minimum and avoid damage. Issues with any aspect of the plumbing system are typically messy, frustrating and inconvenient. Leaks, backups, clogs and flooding can quickly cause extensive property damage, expense and even health risks. When it comes to the plumbing, proactive rather than reactive measures are best. Instead of waiting for a malfunction, enrolling in a professional maintenance plan provides protection. Through a service program, a licensed plumber visits the house once or twice per year. The plumber provides a thorough inspection and troubleshooting of everything from the aerators to the water pump. They check connections on the appliances, complete intensive drain cleaning and test for concerns such as a drop in water pressure, corrosion, blockages or infiltration of tree roots. With modern technology such as video cameras that insert into the pipes, plumbers are able to not only detect but pinpoint problems without major excavation. They can even repair cracked pipes without digging by drawing a sleeve through the existing pipe. With regular, professional upkeep of the plumbing system, there is less water waste, lower costs and all plumbing pipes, drains and fixtures will last longer. 

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