Some of the reasons why you may want a new roof

Due to insurance coverage, it is becoming nearly impossible to sell or buy a home without installing a new roof. No matter the size or style of the roof, replacement is a big investment. Slate, copper and tile roofs cost more but provide a life expectancy of more than 50 years. Wood or shake roofs usually last around thirty years. Fiber shingles offer around twenty-five years while asphalt shingles remain reliable for around twenty years. The age of the roof determines whether the insurance company will agree to coverage. Many insurers refuse to renew existing homeowner policies on houses featuring roofs older than twenty years. In some cases, a professional roof inspection can suffice. However, it’s necessary to provide proof that the roof was installed by a licensed professional and complies to local codes. If there is visible damage around chimneys or skylights, moss or algae growth of discoloration around vents, it might be time to schedule a roof inspection and potential replacement. Other signs that a roof has exceeded its service life are cracked, damaged, curled, loose or missing shingles. Finding stray shingles in the lawn after a windstorm is worrisome. Leaks coming through the ceiling of the home during a hard rain need to be addressed immediately. While no one looks forward to replacing their roof, there are a long list of rewards. The average homeowner spends around $22,600 on a new shingle roof. That roof will increase property value by $15,400. Plus, an updated roof provides superior insulation, helping to lower the monthly cost of heating and cooling. A brand new roof definitely elevates curb appeal.

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