Reasons to install a snowmelt system

There’s no need to shovel, scrape, plow or spread chemicals

There are areas of the country where the winter cold lasts for more than half the year. The temperature regularly drops and remains below freezing and can bring negative digits. These areas also tend to experience a great deal of snow accumulation. It’s not unusual for inches or even feet of snow to fall in a matter of hours. Snow removal is a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Shoveling heavy, wet snow is tiring. The exertion in such weather extremes can be dangerous. Snowmelt chemicals can cause damage to pavement and landscaping. These chemicals can be tracked into the home and damage flooring. Hiring a professional to snowplow is an expense that adds up. With months of snowfall, the job becomes repetitive, and there’s a concern over where to pile all that snow. There is a much better solution. A boiler heating system heats up water and sends it through a system of concealed pipes. Inside the home, these pipes are installed beneath the floors. They radiate heat across the floor to create a perfectly warm room. Outside, a network of pipes links to the boiler and is installed beneath the pavement of the driveway, garage, walkways, steps, patio and even parking lots. Just like the process to provide temperature control for the living space, the hot water travels through the pipes and spreads heat across the surface of the pavement. The snowmelt system automatically starts up in reaction to temperature drop and moisture. It metals away snow and ice to keep the pavement clear. There’s no need to shovel, scrape, plow or spread chemicals. Along with eliminating a great deal of work, the pavement can be expected to last longer. There is far less risk of slipping, falling and getting injured because of icy surfaces.


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